It's lambing time, but with Annie now elected Church Warden there is a shortage of hands at Emmerdale Farm. While Annie's gone down to the village to talk to the vicar she's left Rosemary in charge of dinner. Sam's not impressed at first when she's making baked ham instead of boiled. Henry gets the bad news that the old Mill has been condemned and will have to be taken down before it falls down and possibly injures someone. He worries how he will break the news to Annie. Kathy visits Emmerdale to borrow a baking tin, and Rosemary tries to find out how she feels about Joe. Amos is curious about what will happen to Miffield Hall with Verney gone, and enlists the help of postman Gerry to find out. Annie still hasn't come home when it's time for dinner, but then the vicar calls and wants to talk to her. He says she left the vicarage half an hour earlier..


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