Mandy appears in court charged with common assault and assaulting a police officer. But her big mouth gets her into even deeper bother with the magistrate when she interrupts her solicitor to explain that she didn't mean to hit Stella, she was aiming for Eric, and that Angie shouldn't have interfered. When she foolishly asserts the judiciary is as bad as the police she's as good as signed up for a stretch inside! Bernice finally admits to Gavin, she failed to get a loan. But he stops her from informing Alan, saying he has a plan. Later he begins to work his charms on Stella. Emily's father John stuns Viv when he appears at the Post Office and demands she is home by a certain time. Jack tells the lads he's keeping them off school for a week to help him. And Graham tells Kathy now she's found Mr Right in Biff - and they're planning to wed - he can leave Emmerdale a happy man.


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