Butch is concerned when Emily fails to turn up for work. The love struck Dingle buys some flowers and sets out to see her. When he arrives at her house, he is shocked to discover that she is covered in bruises. And to make matters worse, she reveals that her father has made her promise that she will not see him again. Later, Emily returns to work. But when John arrives to collect her, Butch confronts him and demands to know where Emily's bruises have come from. Graham has convinced the village that he has managed to get his life back in order since Rachel's death. But, behind closed doors, his behaviour is as worrying as ever. Scott is amused to learn that Roy and Kelly have been house hunting and are intending to use Vic's insurance money to buy a home. Eric is increasingly frustrated in his attempts to persuade Stella to invest in his Health and Beauty Spa venture. And Marlon is appalled to find that Jack has offered Terry a room in Annie's Cottage.


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