Kathy and Biff's wedding day arrives, but with so many secrets in the air, trouble is just around the corner. Graham confronts Biff and tells him that Kathy has feelings for him and when Graham reveals that they have kissed, Biff explodes in fury. Meanwhile, Kathy admits to Laura that last night's incident with Graham has convinced her that she should marry Biff. With the ceremony getting closer and closer, both Kathy and Biff become concerned about Graham's whereabouts - but for startlingly different reasons and when he enters the church midway through the ceremony, those in attendance are unprepared for what happens. Alan's attempt to find out if Stella has made a decision regarding his marriage proposal ends in failure when she claims she is feeling ill and leaves. Instead of going home, Stella visits Gavin and it is not long before they are in the throws of passion. They are forced to do some quick thinking however, when Bernice arrives back unexpectedly.


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