Kathy has the world's problems upon her shoulders. Betty tries to console Kathy, but her heartbreak is evident when she reveals that she brought the nightmare of her wedding day upon herself. With the whole of the village gossiping about the wedding debacle, Kathy turns to Laura for advice, but she is left down heartened. When Chris arrives to offer his sympathy there is little she can do to control her emotions. But her real anger is aimed at one person - Graham. And when he approaches her, Kathy makes it clear who she really blames for Biff jilting her at the altar. Butch and Emily are surprised when John discharges himself from hospital. And when he arrives home and demands that Butch should leave, the love struck Dingle is surprised by Emily's reaction. Wheeler-dealer Scott, gets his comeuppance when he's sacked from his job for poaching clients. Viv begins to panic when Kelly announces that she has found the house of her dreams and needs her deposit money.


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