Life is looking rosy for Bernice. With the deposit money for the Woolpack in her bank account, her life plan finally seems to be in order. Tricia warns Gavin that unless he lets Alan and her continue living at the Woolpack - she will tell Bernice of their afternoon of passion. And when she twigs that Gavin slept with Stella, the two-timing rat is forced to concede. Kelly can barely contain her anger at Viv and Scott. With her deposit money a distant memory, Kelly visits the Post Office to collect the last of her belongings. Viv tries to apologise, but her efforts make matters worse. Suddenly Kelly grabs Scott's car keys and dashes out. Emily tricks John into letting her go to the Emmerdale Cricket match. But he's furious when he discovers that she's still seeing Butch. And Marlon is thrilled to learn that Kathy is going on holiday for a few weeks and is leaving him in charge.


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