The power struggle between Chris and Sean intensifies when details of Terry's strong-arm tactics to call in outstanding debts are aired. Jackson, who was on the end of Terry's threats, calls at the haulage yard to pay up - and promptly cancels his contract. Sean is furious when he discovers Chris was behind this and warns him not to overstep the mark again. Ollie is clinging to Zak like a limpet - and even follows him to the bookies and offers him £10 to place a bet for her. The horse wins and the youngster gives Zak a share of the winnings. But when her mother, Angie discovers she's bunked-off school again it leads to a furious confrontation. Liam, having unsuccessfully tried to get Chris to increase his wages, works his charms on Tricia. But she refuses a date saying she's off men for the time being.


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