Ollie recovers in hospital from the effects of smoke-inhalation. Sean charges off to sort out Zak once and for all. But at the hospital Ollie tells her mum that Zak is a hero. She decided to search the cellar and when the accident happened, Zak was the one who saved her. Angie races off to find Sean before he does something he'll regret. Chris has problems with his nanny and leaves baby Joseph with a furious Zoe. Later an attractive woman arrives saying she's been sent by the nanny agency - and Chris takes her on straight away. Gavin and Bernice tell Betty they've got the money to buy The Woolpack and they'll be taking over the following week. Kathy calls Betty to say she'll be back next week. Graham overhears and looks thoughtful. And Sarah rescues Richie from Viv's clutches in the Diner saying there's a fuse that has gone in the kitchen.


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