Kathy arrives back from her holiday with Alice to find Graham loitering outside her home. But when he starts to talk about a possible relationship she tells him all she wants to be is friends. Unseen by Kathy, his face turns to thunder. Kelly and Roy are devastated when the cottage they'd pinned their hopes on is placed back on the market. Sean reluctantly agrees with Angie to invite the Dingles for dinner after Ollie is discharged from hospital. The mischievous youngster winds Zak up when she asks what he was doing near the house before the blaze. Bernice plans to invite the newspapers to her grand opening at The Woolpack. Tricia is transparently not amused. And Pete is left cursing Chris after an accident with a crate sees him break two of his toes. The brash boss tells him as he wasn't officially on duty he cannot expect to be paid while he gets better.


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