The campaign against Chris reaches new proportions when the Tate Haulage offices are ransacked and covered in graffiti with threatening messages. Chris is convinced it is Jackson, but Sean assures him it is not his style. Chris recovers his composure enough to try and persuade Zoe to buy Home Farm now it's back on the market - but is shocked when he arrives home to find his cottage has been turned over too. Kelly is overcome when Scott appears covered in bandages. He tells her he's crashed the car to get insurance money to pay her back. Mandy senses something is wrong between Scott and Kelly and is taken aback by her friend's response. Kathy is feeling the strain of Elsa's arrival and is deeply suspicious of her motives - especially when she asks to collect Alice from school the following day. And Bernice is excited when her license for the Woolpack arrives in the post.


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