Chris has succeeded in alienating half the village at a time when he could do with some friends. Zoe tells him she wants no more to do with him, Terry storms out and tells him to find another bodyguard. Angie catches the rough end of his tongue. And Kelly is ridiculed when she tries to get him to help her with a deposit on a house. But as he sits alone and ponders his predicament, the terror campaign against him is about to reach new and frightening proportions. Kathy agrees to meet Elsa at The Woolpack but is furious and hurt when she reveals the real reason she returned to Emmerdale. Scott gets a shock when the insurance assessor tells him it's good news - the car can be repaired! And poor Bernice is left feeling foolish when she unveils the new plaque over The Woolpack door to a posse of photographers and locals. The sign reads Bernice 'Blockstack'.


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