Kathy can not help but worry about Elsa's sudden involvement in Alice's life. Elsa confronts Alan and demands to know why he kept Kathy's recent psychological problems a secret from her. He manages to defuse the situation, but all his hard work is destroyed when Graham confronts her and demands that she leaves Kathy and Alice alone. Elsa finally reaches a decision concerning Alice's future - news which threatens to tear Kathy's world apart. Bernice discovers the answer to all of The Woolpack's problems - Feng Shui. She tells Tricia they will need to rearrange all of the furniture to create a harmonious atmosphere. DI Spalding's suspicions are aroused when he questions Sean about Chris's disappearance. And he becomes convinced he is on to something when Terry reveals exactly how volatile their relationship really is. Zoe is sure that Spalding is treating Chris's disappearance as a murder enquiry. And Jack is furious that Sarah has arranged for Robert and Andy to do their work experience with Richie at Dale-Tec Computers, rather than on the farm.


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