Kathy's role as Alice's guardian is becoming increasingly insecure. In desperation she turns to Laura for legal advice. The legal eagle suggests that having Nick on her side should strengthen Kathy's case. Kathy visits her brother in prison and tells him Elsa's plans for Alice. But she is shell shocked to learn that Elsa has paid him a visit and has persuaded him that Alice would be better off with her. Kathy confronts Elsa and accuses her of turning her brother against her. But she is lost for words when Elsa reveals that Betty has informed her of Kathy's personal problems. Bernice's attempt to align The Woolpack using Feng Shui goes drastically wrong when she realises that she has been reading her compass incorrectly. Zoe is finding it difficult coming to terms with her brother's disappearance. In desperation she decides to honour his last request - to buy Home Farm. Sean decides that with Chris missing it would be the ideal opportunity to organise some dodgy deals. DI Spalding revisits Sean to go over the details of Chris's disappearance, much to Angie's concern.


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