Kathy's distraught about Alice's future, so Graham decides it is the perfect opportunity to become more involved in her life. But it soon becomes clear that Kathy is not as weak as Graham first thought. When Elsa arrives demanding to see Alice, Kathy tells her that Alice doesn't want to see her. Graham visits Kathy to offer a shoulder to cry on, but his temper starts to get the better of him when she refuses to discuss her problems. Dastardly Eric is up to his old tricks. Laura's hounding him for Home Farm's inventory, so the devious cad breaks into Home Farm to retrieve some of the antiques he bought for Stella. And after deleting them from the inventory he is convinced he has pulled off the perfect crime. Eric manages to sell his wares to a dealer, but his celebrations are marred when he visits Laura with his version of the inventory to discover that Stella has already sent one through. Sean becomes concerned when Zoe arrives at Tate Haulage to look through the books. And Laura informs Zoe that her offer to buy Home Farm has been accepted.


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