Time is running out for Eric. With Zoe about to move in to Home Farm it seems that his antiques theft is about to be discovered. Eric tells Butch that if anything is missing from Home Farm he will get the blame. The crooked businessman suggests that he will be able to help - as long as Butch can get hold of the inventory. But their plan hits a snag when Laura discovers Butch looking through the files in Home Farm's office. With Mandy and Paddy's wedding looming, Kelly offers to help plan their big day. And the bride-to-be is left exasperated when Kelly refuses to take no for an answer. Pete asks Terry for advice - should tell the police about his concerns regarding Sean. And when Zoe gives a television appeal, Pete's conscience begins to get the better of him. Kathy tackles Alan and accuses him of siding with Elsa in her fight to keep custody of Alice. After a careless comment from Mandy, Butch is forced to tell Emily about his disastrous relationship with Sophie. And Zoe surprises Alan when she offers him the position of Estate Manager at Home Farm.


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