With Mandy and Paddy's wedding only a day away, the village celebrates the couples last night of freedom. Mandy leaves her hen night early to make sure nothing ruins her big day. Along with Butch, she discovers antiques hidden at the Dingles and realises there is only one person devious enough to have planted them - Eric. Mandy visits Eric and accuses him of trying to frame Butch. And when he admits to the crime, she explodes in fury. Angie is faced with a dilemma when she discovers a large amount of money hidden at her home. Should she help her husband Sean, who has been arrested on suspicion of handling counterfeit goods or should she leave him to face the wrath of the law? Chris is at the end of his tether. With no clear reason for his kidnapping, the terrified captive begins to fear for the worst. And Roy becomes concerned by Kelly's insistence on using her employer's house for her own means.


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