Paddy's secret honeymoon plans hit a snag when he learns that the police need Mandy's passport in case she tries to flee the country. Mandy thinks she is going to Scarborough, and remains blissfully unaware of Paddy's problem. The newly wed is forced to take a leaf out of the Dingles book and lie to the police - telling them he can't find her passport. Zoe is a nervous wreck. With her brother's life in her hands she prepares to meet Chris's kidnapper with the ransom. The police assure her that they will be following closely behind. But when she arrives at the meeting place she fears for the worst when she spots what looks like a body slumped in a car. Kathy and Elsa are forced to control their contempt for each other when a welfare officer explains if they can not reach a compromise, a judge will make the decision for them about Alice.


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