Zoe's world is in tatters. Her brother is missing, and one of her business partners has been organising dodgy deals behind her back. And her day gets worse when Sean tries to apologise for his behaviour and Zoe fails to notice that Joseph has wandered off in front of a reversing truck. Chris is forced to face some home truths when Liam reveals the reason for his abduction. Angie's anger with Sean is beginning to take its toll on the Reynolds family. Kathy's temper gets the better of her when Alice tells her of the wonderful weekend she spent with Elsa in London. She turns to Graham and reveals she will use any means necessary to keep hold of Alice. Meanwhile, Elsa is convinced that it is only a matter of time before Alice agrees to return to Australia with her. With time running out, will Mandy be able to hand her passport in to the police in time? And Eric persuades Ashley to let him turn the village hall into a gym.


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