Zoe's decision not to tell the police her suspicions lands her and Terry in a dangerous situation. Liam has caught them at his house. He ties Terry up in the cellar and takes Zoe to the disused farmhouse where Chris is being held. Chris tells Zoe that Liam is their brother, but she doesn't believe him. Liam is panicking at this point, as he realises that Zoe isn't going to be the loving, sympathetic sister he always wanted. He babbles on about deciding what to do, and eventually realises that he may need to kill them both to ensure his freedom. Chris tries to talk him out of it, promising him that he won't turn him into the police and to provide money and a third of their inheritance. Liam is wavering at that point, but Zoe fakes an argument with Chris to make Liam defend him and drop the gun. The ploy is a success as Zoe points the gun at Liam. He smiles at her, saying that she wouldn't dare pull the trigger, but she fires and looks on in shock at what she's done. Roy recovers from a beating at the hands of another inmate. The prison doctor tells him a message has been sent to his wife. But what will her reactions be? Meanwhile, Jack asks Paddy to put off paying his bill for a few weeks.


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