Liam is dead; killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest by his sister Zoe. Zoe and Chris debate about what to do when the police arrive - Zoe wants to lie to the police and tell them that she shot Liam when he tried to lunge at her, but Chris, who hasn't got much sympathy for Zoe especially since he built up a bond with Liam over the past few weeks, thinks that they should tell the police exactly what happened. Over at the Tate Haulage office, DI Spalding question Pete, Sean and Laura when his officers discover a van six miles away near the farmhouse. Spalding sends in the armed response unit and he and his officers race to Liam's home. He is seething with anger because Zoe withheld information from him. But as he arrives on the scene more pressing questions fill his mind like - is Chris still alive? What's happened to Zoe and Terry? And could the kidnapper have escaped, thanks to Zoe's DIY detective work? Zoe comes out of the front door and tells the police is dead and she breaks down in tears. The police race down to the cellar and find Chris. Spalding asks Chris what happened and he instead decides to go by Zoe's story about Liam coming at her. Meanwhile, Eric shows his caring nature when he enquires to Sarah how Kathy is facing up to losing Alice.


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  • Disused farmhouse - Cellar, hallway, kitchen and exterior
  • Tate Haulage - Haulage yard
  • Kathy's Diner - Dining area
  • Ambulance


  • This extra episode was broadcast at the usual time of 7:00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,560,000 viewers (18th place).
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