Chris infuriates Zoe when he tells her he's paid for Liam's funeral and insists on attending. Richie is furious with Scott for selling a computer to Lyn at cost price. Diane flirts endlessly with Alan during an organised ramble and invites him to have dinner with her the following night. He won't be quite so delighted when he finds she's asked Eric too! And Roy is furious when Angie protests about his DJ job at the youth club and Ashley decides to take his name from the posters. Ashley confides in Bernice as the bond between them grows. Kelly feels guilty when Mandy says her criminal record has hurt her chances in life and will do the same to Roy. As she and Paddy leave, Eric smugly tells Mandy he has dropped the assault charges against her out of pity for her past convictions, and was just teaching her a lesson. Paddy pulls Mandy away before she has another assault charge on her hands. Sean convinces Alan to drive pensioners back and forth to a supermarket as part of Tate Haulage's new route. Angie warns a blase Sean that Viv won't be happy at loss of customers. Zoe goes to the funeral to keep her eye on Chris and is horrified to see Liam's grave is near Frank's. As they leave after the service, they realise they have played straight into watchful DI Spalding's hands. He guesses Liam was a relative with an axe to grind, but Chris and Zoe stay quiet. Spalding tells Zoe that despite her story he will find the truth in the end, and hopes she can live with herself.


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  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,950,000 viewers (11th place - combined figure including repeat).
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