Kelly's hopes of escaping her problems are dashed when Roy turns down an invitation to spend Christmas in Ibiza with his father. And her day gets worse when Paddy criticises her for making one mistake too many at the vets. Roy's temper cracks when Kelly mocks him about his plans for their future, and then turns to the bottle for comfort. Preparations are underway for Bernice's wedding. But while Tricia is excited about being a bridesmaid, she becomes disappointed when Bernice reveals what she will be wearing. Sarah can not believe Jack's attitude when he suggests that they should be spending their money on the farm rather than Christmas. Butch asks Lisa's advice about reconciling Emily and her father. Emily persuades Zak to build Belle a nativity scene for her birthday. Angie is furious with Sean when he breaks his promise to make tea for the kids. Viv decides to extend her shop's opening hours to compete with the supermarket. And Ollie and Marc keep their plans for the village pantomime secret from Ashley.


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