All is not well in the Tate household. Chris's anger gets the better of him when Terry complains about being treated like a dogsbody. But Chris is heading for a fall. When the temperamental Tate tries to order Alan around, the Estate Manager points out that he only takes orders from Zoe. And Chris is stunned when Claudia gives him a piece of her mind. Ashley is horrified to discover that Ollie's Pantomime ridicules the entire village, and promptly cancels it. Angie is furious when the mild mannered Reverend suggests that Ollie's attention seeking may be caused by problems at home. Butch tries to repair Emily's relationship with her father, by inviting John to the Dingles for Christmas Day. But will he accept? Ashley admits to Zak that he is envious of not having a family at Christmas. Tricia uses her charms on Jason. But will she succeed? Roy shares his concerns for Kelly with Lisa. And Marlon tries to persuade Bernice to hold an Aladdin theme night in The Woolpack.


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