It's the day of the Emmerdale Christmas Show, and Ashley is in a panic. With no star turn, the Reverend desperately tries to find someone to fit the bill. The Show begins, but with no sign of the star act, the pressure begins to get to him. With the minutes ticking by, Ashley can only hope for a miracle - but his prayers are answered when Witty Willy arrives. Betty is left speechless when she realises that a face from her past has resurfaced. Zak's latest business venture - selling Christmas holly, suffers a setback when Bernice throws him out of The Woolpack. Marlon's persistence pays off when Bernice agrees to let him hold an Aladdin theme night in the Woolpack. Richie becomes annoyed when Scott organises the Daletec Christmas Party without consulting him. And Sean and Angie's plans for a family Christmas take a knock when Marc reveals that he has got a job working in The Woolpack on Christmas Day.


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