Chris tries to put his recent problems behind him by returning to work. While he is relieved to be back behind the driving seat at Tate Haulage, his partner Sean doesn't quite see it the same. Ashley admits to Gavin that he knows about his womanising ways. But will the mild mannered reverend reveal his discovery to Bernice? Betty's past returns to haunt her when Reggie surprises her at the Diner and invites her to lunch. Over their meal it becomes clear that she has a few secrets that would shock the village. Richie becomes concerned by how much money Scott is spending at Daletech's Christmas Party. Marlon sees the opportunity to get revenge on Scott when Bernice lets the young businessman open a tab at The Woolpack. Eric tries to drum up business at the Daletech party much to Scott's annoyance. A drunken Kelly criticises Roy for his lack of ambition. When the young girl returns to work Zoe realises she has been drinking and tries to persuade her to talk about her problems. And Lyn invites Scott to her College Ball.


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