Emily's face is a picture when she gets the Christmas present she prayed for - a visit from her dad. John makes the Dingle party complete as he joins them for Christmas dinner. And for the first time John recognises how much his daughter cares for Butch. Jack is angry when the kids open their presents and realises Sarah has gone behind his back to buy them computer games. Kathy spends the day with Graham delivering presents around the village and later after eating Christmas dinner together they embrace under the mistletoe. Kelly is haunted by the painful memories of her father's death and the secret she is hiding from both Scott and Roy. She excuses herself from the Dingle party and stands alone at her father's grave. Zak has a close escape when Ashley calls and only just manages to get the vicar out of the way before he sees the nativity scene he pinched from the church. Claudia's suspicions are aroused when she overhears Chris and Zoe arguing bitterly over Liam's death. And the Reynolds dreams of a happy Christmas are shattered when Ollie deliberately burns the turkey and they are forced to eat at The Woolpack, much to Marc's horror.


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  • This special Christmas Day hour-long episode was broadcast at 6.30pm. Unlike usual hour-long episodes, which are two episodes merged, this one was produced as one long episode.
  • An extended version of the 1998 closing theme was played.
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