Bernice tells Kathy that she has chosen a neutral venue - the vicarage for her meeting with Gavin. When Kathy asks her if she if she is ready to see her fiancee, Bernice's emotions bubble to the surface. Gavin unexpectedly walks into The Woolpack, and the regulars make it clear how they feel about his sudden arrival. But even they are shocked when Ashley erupts in fury. While Bernice wants to talk about business Gavin has other matters on his mind, and it's not long before they are discussing their relationship. But will she forgive him? Chris is put firmly in his place when Alan tells him that Zoe is his employer, but he is prepared to tolerate a certain amount of his irrational behaviour. Betty tells Viv of Gavin's escapades and asks her to keep it under her hat. But with such a juicy story, it is only a matter of time before the village gossip is spreading the tale. Jack is flabbergasted to discover how much it will cost to fix Sarah's car. But he begins to cheer up when Lisa tells him that she is sure she could sell it for him. Richie is annoyed to learn that Scott's sales patter destroyed their chance of securing a contract with Chris.


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