The Sugden family's problems are about to escalate. When Richie tells Sarah that he has just seen her car being driven out of the village, they are convinced that it has been stolen. They give chase, but the pair are stopped in their tracks when Ashley steps out of the car. Her surprise turns to anger when the Reverend informs her that he bought it from Lisa who was selling it on Jack's request. Sarah confronts Jack and tells him that she can't believe he sold her car without her permission. And in the heat of the moment she tells him exactly how she feels about the state of their marriage. Chris is less than happy to see that Frankie has returned to the village. And the Tate Haulage boss warns her that if there is any trouble she will regret it. Chris feels left out when he sees Terry playing with Joseph and his new pony. But he is touched when Kathy tells him he is a wonderful father - wheelchair or no wheelchair. Diane confides to Alan that she is thinking of moving to Emmerdale permanently, so that she can help Bernice secure a loan on The Woolpack. Lisa warns Zak that he is going to have to keep a closer eye on Belle after the incident with the Health Visitor. Chris is impressed when Richie offers him a deal on computer equipment behind Scott's back. Roy becomes frustrated at his inability to help Kelly. And Sean sees red when he catches Ollie chatting up a new driver.


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