Jack is devastated by Sarah's revelation. With his marriage crumbling around him, he tries to make her see sense. But he is astounded when she ignores his pleas. At the Diner, Eric demands cutlery and ketchup with his breakfast and when all he gets from Sarah in return is a sour face, he snidely comments that if she's this cheerful at home then it's no wonder she and Jack are facing marital difficulties. Sarah reacts angrily, tells Eric where he can stick his ketchup and retreats to the kitchen in tears. Kathy confronts her and is taken aback to discover just how serious her problems are. Ashley is lost for words when Diane questions him about his feelings for Bernice. He denies that he is in love with her, but Diane tells him to leave her daughter alone. Zoe tells Ashley that he is being dishonest with himself unless he tells Bernice how he feels about her. Zoe tells Chris to stop interfering in her life. But she feels left out when Chris takes Joseph to his first day at school without her. Butch startles Emily when he reveals that her father's farm is up for sale. She cannot understand why he has kept his money problems a secret from her. And Betty becomes concerned by Reggie's continued interest in her.


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