Kelly's troubles are mounting by the minute. She finally tells Mandy about the night with Scott while Roy was in prison but is unprepared for her reply. Meanwhile, Paddy discovers the pile of unfinished work Kelly has been hiding and tells her she's sacked. Later he softens but says she must start work at 6am each morning until she has caught up. At home things are bad too as Viv announces she's going to have to sell the shop. Jack and Sarah are moved when Andy says he couldn't bear losing another family. They agree to make an effort for the sake of the kids. Bernice and Diane announce their partnership at The Woolpack. And Graham wants to make it public about him and Kathy especially after Pete asks her for a date. But Kathy tells him it will all come out in good time. And Bernice breaks all ties with Gavin by ceremoniously throwing his engagement ring into the river - witnessed by Ashley.


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