Kelly is in the depths of despair. With her life crumbling around her, the young girl can only see one way of solving all her problems. When Donna discovers her sister packing a bag she becomes convinced that she is planning to run away, but Kelly puts her mind to rest. Kelly explodes in fury when Viv complains that she isn't pulling her weight in the shop. Scott tries to talk sense into her but his words fall on deaf ears. When Kelly goes to tidy her father's grave Ashley interrupts her. But when she tries to talk to him about her problems, the Reverend tells her that he doesn't have time at the moment. Meanwhile, Roy reveals to Zoe that he is growing increasingly concerned by Kelly's recent behaviour. But their conversation is interrupted by Chris. With Roy out of the way, Chris tells his sister that Kelly could do a lot better than a yokel like Roy. Paddy visits the shop and asks Scott to pass on a message to Kelly she's fired. On learning that Kelly isn't at work Scott reveals his fears to Viv. And they race out of the shop convinced that she is running away from the village.


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  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,780,000 viewers (14th place - combined figure including repeat).
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