It's the day of the inquest into Liam's death and Chris and Zoe prepare themselves to face the coroner. Chris is concerned by Zoe's refusal to discuss what they are going to say. Will she finally crack and tell the whole truth? Eric reveals to Marlon that he has a plan to flush Graham out. When Graham arrives home he discovers an anonymous letter accusing him of being a killer. Convinced that he knows who is responsible, Graham confronts Eric and threatens him - unaware that Marlon is listening to every word. Betty admits to Reggie that his arrival has brought back memories she has tried to forget. She is stunned when Reggie tells her that if she tries to throw him out of her house, he will tell Seth about their past. Jack tries to repair his relationship with Sarah by inviting her out for the evening. But she makes it clear that she is not interested. Sarah turns to Ritchie for a shoulder to cry on. But she is startled when Richie makes a move to kiss her. And Marc is furious when his parents fail to show up for his schools Parents Evening.


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