Butch is horrified to discover that his mother has returned to the village. The young lad cannot believe her audacity - especially after all she has put her family through. Zak explains to Nellie that she will only be able to stay temporarily. But the cunning Dingle has other plans, and it's not long before she has her feet firmly under the table. Butch is knocked for six when Lisa reveals that Nellie has moved in to Mandy's old flat. But his anger turns to sympathy when she tells him of her own concerns. Seth cannot understand why Betty allowed Reggie to re-enter her life. When the scoundrel appears at his doorstep, Seth resorts to drastic measures to make him leave. Chris offers to support Kelly in her decision to make a fresh start in London. The kind-hearted gent offers her a train ticket, but will she accept his generosity? Viv and Kelly have a heart-to-heart about their volatile relationship. Chris is shattered to learn the identity of the new owner of Wylie farm. And Jack and Sarah feel awful when Andy and Robert offer them half of their earnings in an attempt to stop their arguing.


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