Kathy offers Roy a solution to his marital problems. However Kelly is less than pleased with the suggestion. Kathy tells Roy that she doesn't think Kelly is good enough for him - he should finish their relationship before she ends up making both their lives a misery. Marlon's concerns for Kathy's safety grow. The worried Dingle confronts Graham and tells him that he knows he was responsible for his wife's and Rachel's deaths. Concerned by their interference, Graham suggests to Kathy that Eric and Marlon are trying to undermine their relationship, so that they can get their hands on the Diner. Nellie tries to ingratiate herself into the Dingles household - much to Lisa's annoyance. The scheming Dingle reminisces with Zak in an attempt to repair their relationship. But will Zak succumb to her charms? Richie admits to Sarah that he can't stop thinking about her. But will Sarah be prepared to risk her marriage for him? Bernice is determined to make a success of the 'Aphrodisiac' theme night in The Woolpack. And Emily is shocked to discover what 'aphrodisiac' means.


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