Sarah criticises Jack for airing their marriage problems to Kathy, and tells him that she got a slap around the face as a result. Sarah apologises to Kathy for her comments regarding Alice and is surprised when Kathy offers to forgive and forget. Lyn tells Scott she wants nothing more to do with him, after discovering the truth about Kelly. Kathy asks Zoe to help find Roy and Kelly a home of their own. Lisa tells Butch that she caught Zak and Nellie in a clinch, but is embarrassed after discovering Ollie sent Zak the Valentines card. Richie is relieved when Sarah tells him that she doesn't regret what happened last night - but they must keep their affair a secret. Chris is furious about business decisions taken without his knowledge, and is rocked further when Kelly reveals she has decided not to move to London, despite all his help. Seth and Betty discuss their marriage plans - unaware they both have deep reservations. And Graham suggests to Kathy that she ought to take a break away from the village.


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