Eric finds out that Kathy has gone away for the weekend with Graham and begins to panic. Graham tries to persuade Kathy to move away from the village permanently with him, but she says she's not ready to commit to a relationship yet and accuses him of trying to run her life for her. Eric recruits Marlon in an attempt to find out where Kathy has gone and they interrogate Roy over her whereabouts, but he doesn't know. Kathy packs her things to return home as Graham tries to apologise to her. He notices she has packed and begs her to stay. Marlon and Eric break into Mill Cottage and look for clues as to Kathy and Graham's whereabouts. Graham locks Kathy in the room with him and tells her he needs to talk to her. Marlon finds a number for where Graham and Kathy are staying and rings pretending to be Graham's brother to find out their exact location. Graham tells Kathy that Eric and Marlon have been making his life a misery and blames Rachel's death on them. Kathy becomes suspicious as he states the accusations are why he has to leave the village. Angie finds Marlon and Eric at Graham's house and threatens them with harassment. Graham reveals to Kathy that Rachel refused to do what he wanted on the top of the crag before she died. Kathy demands to leave and Graham gives her the key, he follows her down the path and into the car. Eric and Marlon are lost trying to find the cottage. Back in the car, Kathy finally deduces that Graham killed Rachel and insists that he needs help. Graham snaps upon accusing her of saying that he is mad and promptly grabs onto the wheel, resulting in a struggle as Graham vainly attempts to get Kathy to stop the car. However, at the moment Graham gets hold of the wheel, they end up veering towards the cliff-edge and stop with the front end hanging off. Eric and Marlon spot his car on the cliff edge. Graham becomes hysterical as Kathy tries to exit via the back of the car, but as she moves the car begins to roll forwards and down the cliff. Eric and Marlon watch on helpless as the car falls off the edge of the cliff and plummets to the beach below before exploding into flames. A hand appears on the edge off the cliff, revealing to be Kathy - whom Eric and Marlon rush help up. She embraces onto them, relieved to be safe now that Graham is dead and the nightmare is over.


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