Eric is delighted when he sees that the Hotten Courier has printed a story hailing him as a local hero for saving Kathy's life. Angie is annoyed when the press phone her wanting to know why she failed to spot a murderer living in the village. Her day goes from bad to worse when she makes Ollie apologise to Viv for shoplifting. Angie tries to appease the local shopkeeper by offering compensation, but Viv tells her that she still wants to involve the police. Marlon causes mischief when he tells Tricia that Laura's birthday party will have a kids fancy dress theme. She's mortified when she makes her grand entrance, dressed as a rabbit, only to discover that everyone else is dressed as normal. Lisa is furious when she finds that Zak has let Nellie look after Belle. When her husband returns home, Lisa issues him with an ultimatum - either Nellie leaves or she does. Chris tells Richie that he is interested in buying into Daletech - as long as Scott is no longer involved. Sarah becomes jealous when she sees Richie playfully flirting with Angie. And Tricia asks Kathy if she would be interested in taking her on as a lodger.


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