The Dingle family is falling apart. Butch tries unsuccessfully to persuade Lisa not to leave. When Zak discovers his wife has left him he tells Nellie that he won't be bullied. Zak visits Lisa and tries to resolve the situation, but she won't return while Nellie is there. Paddy prepares a romantic meal to celebrate Mandy's return, but is disappointed when he opens the door to find Lisa there. Sean and Angie are concerned by Ollie's attitude at getting away with shoplifting, and decide she needs a lesson. When she returns home from school and finds a policeman waiting for her, she is horrified. Eric apologises to Kathy for the newspaper article. She is touched when he explains that he had been genuinely concerned for her safety. Tricia is excited about the prospect of living with Kathy. Terry is disappointed when Claudia turns down his offer of a date. And Viv confides to Scott that she is behind with the mortgage on the shop.


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