Alan invites Diane out for a day walking in the dales but their ideas of an idyllic day turn out to be very different. Unimpressed by the country air Diane heads straight for nearest pub to flirt with the locals, much to Alan's disgust. Richie's business knowledge impresses cold-blooded Chris who agrees to give a contract to Daletec computers, on one condition - that Scott has no involvement. After a fall out with Zoe, Frankie heads off for a heavy night's drinking with Pete and returns to Home Farm in the early hours having lost her key. Her attempts to break into an upstairs window end in chaos when the alarms go off and the police arrive. Marc is desperate to escape the rows at home and continues to work at The Woolpack - but he spends most of the evening eyeing up Tricia behind the bar. And Paddy makes a hasty retreat when Zak arrives to speak to Lisa who remains defiant that she won't return home until Nellie is gone. But Zak has demands of his own when it comes to access to Belle.


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