Jack loses his temper with Robert after discovering that he has been cleaning cars to earn extra pocket money. In his anger he tells Andy that he feels more like a son than Robert and immediately regrets it. Scott agrees to hand over his share of the business to Richie, who keeps quiet about his arrangement with Chris. But Sarah wonders whether Richie is out of his depth in getting rid of Scott so ruthlessly. The Dingle family crisis takes a turn for the worse when Zak and Lisa come to blows over Nellie. Whilst Marlon is reluctant to get involved, Butch tries to persuade Zak that Nellie is nothing but a trouble maker. Zak asks Lisa if he can look after Belle for the day but she refuses. Fearing he may lose Belle for good Zak takes drastic measures to get her back. Lisa is horrified when she finds Belle has gone missing whilst in Ashley's care and desperately begs Zak to give her back. And Zoe loses patience with Frankie after she is given the sack from her cleaning job at The Woolpack.


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