The problems in the Sugden household continue to grow. Jack tries to apologise to Robert for losing his temper, but the damage is done. Sarah is furious when she learns Jack has let Andy take the day off school to help on the farm. Butch criticises Zak for his heavy drinking and tells him to sort himself out and talk to Lisa. Zak bumps into Lisa at the Diner and asks her to come home. But she tells him that she won't be returning until he has told Nellie to leave. Sean and Angie have a heart to heart about the state of their relationship. But will they be able to work out their problems before it is too late? Chris invites Claudia to dinner. When they return home she thanks him for a wonderful evening. But Chris is left disappointed when she tells him that as far as she is concerned they have a working relationship and nothing else. Viv is furious to learn that Chris and Richie have decided to go into business together behind Scott's back. And Emily is relieved to learn that Jack has seen her father.


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