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Sarah finds Andy contemplating in the yard. She guarantees him that there is no reason to worry and that going to court is just a formality. During a gloat about Viv's campaign, Zoe calls attention to Chris that a portion of the locals is genuinely concerned about Tate Haulage's position in the community. Butch visits Lisa to ask her to come Wishing Well for a family conference which she hesitantly consents to. Kathy assures Viv that she will try anything to stop the trucks coming through the village. Carlos utilizes his charms on Viv and succeeds. At court, the judge tells the Sugden's that adoption is a very crucial matter and solicits what Robert thinks from the circumstance, to which he answers on commenting about Jack's brutality. Fortunately for the family, the judge considers this to be a joke and announces the adoption of Andy, leaving everyone enchanted. Marlon pays off Bernice into entertaining Nellie after she finishes work. Marc and Donna share a kiss on the street, yet Ollie warns Donna that she has got rivalry with Tricia and gives her a makeover. Zoe returns home to discover Frankie reading an unsatisfactory comic book to Joseph. She's pleased Joseph has taken to her, however, wishes Frankie would pursue carefree books in the future. The Dingle conference happens and Zak is amazed when Lisa appears. Quiet eclipses the house, until Butch assembles a meeting and recommends that Lisa and Belle ought to be back where they belong. At the point when things get anxious among Emily and Zak, Butch uncovers that he and Emily are engaged. Everybody praises them, aside from Zak, who orders everybody out of the house. The Sugden's celebrate the adoption at Kathy's Diner. Andy delivers a speech, but Sarah can't take the guilt and surges out. She turns up at Richie's office and tells him they have to finish their affair. Whilst explaining herself, in the heat of the moment, the two are overcome by lust. However, their passion turns to panic when they realise that they are being watched by Scott.


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  • Judge - Tim Barker



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