It's the day of Andy's adoption hearing and he cannot help but feel apprehensive about his future. At the hearing Robert nearly ruins everything, but the judge misunderstands his comments and agrees to the adoption. The family visit the Diner to celebrate. Sarah realises what she is risking by continuing her affair with Richie and resolves to finish it. But in the heat of the moment the pair are overcome by lust. Their passion turns to panic when they realise that they are being watched. Zak is furious to discover that a Dingle family conference has been called without his consultation. Everyone is delighted when Butch announces his engagement to Emily. The atmosphere takes a turn for the worse when the subject of Lisa and Zak's marriage is raised and he is surprised when everyone takes Lisa's side. Donna is surprised when Marc kisses her. A mischievous Ollie tells her that she has competition in the shape of Tricia, and she offers to help her by giving her a make over. Zoe points out to Chris that some of the villagers are genuinely concerned about Tate Haulage's position in the community. And Carlos uses his charms on Viv.


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