The atmosphere at the Dingles is at an all-time low. Zak is in a foul mood following the shambles of the Dingle family conference. Lisa arrives at the Dingles to ask Zak to baby-sit. But when Nellie makes it clear that she is unwelcome, Butch shocks his mother by taking Lisa's side. Butch tells Emily that he has an idea how they can build some bridges with her father - he is going to ask him for her hand in marriage. Scott has discovered Sarah is having an affair with Richie, and she is frightened he will expose them. Richie tries to reason with Scott, but he threatens to blackmail them. Viv holds a one-woman protest against the supermarket bus service and prevents it from moving by blocking its path - an action she may live to regret. A lorry smashes into a minibus, the packing inside is so heavy that is makes the bus topple on top of the minibus.


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