Night has fallen as the emergency services continue to pick their way through the debris of the crash to rescue those still trapped. Jack, Zak, Emily, Lisa and Chris wait anxiously for any news of their loved ones. In the Woolpack, Sarah is refusing to go to hospital until she knows Victoria is safe, against the paramedics wishes. Ashley also turns up at the pub to try and offer comfort and support to those involved. The police are working their way round trying to establish what happened. When they question Viv and Alan she tries to put the blame on Pete, saying he must have been drunk. Alan tries to defend him, saying he thought Pete was fighting to control the lorry but he comes across as rather confused. Meanwhile at the hospital, Seth is still waiting to be seen but doesn't want any fuss made over him. He wants to go home, but Betty and the doctor insist he needs to stay just to make sure he's OK. Back at the crash site, Butch is pulled out on a stretcher. When the Dingles see that he's moving they dash over to the ambulance. Butch is in pain but wants Emily to come with him to hospital. Emily is thankful that Butch seems to be ok and prays for him. Jack and Chris are left to wait for news of Kathy and Victoria. Jack is suspicious of Chris' motives for hanging around, thinking it's for purely business reasons. Chris tells him he's got it all wrong. He remembers how Kathy was there for him when he was trapped and how she helped him afterwards. He promises that he's going to be there for her. Realising that Chris is sincere for once, Jack apologises. Meanwhile, Marc has been allowed home from hospital suffering only from a bit of whiplash. He has to wear a collar for a while but otherwise OK. Though Sean is relieved, he confesses to Angie that he's worried about the affect the crash might have on Tate Haulage. Back in Emmerdale, the rescue workers continue to work away to free the remaining trapped people. They think they hear something and on shining a light into the wrecked, spot Victoria. She's conscious and lets out a plaintive cry of "mummy". Soon after they have her out of the bus and she seems unscathed. Jack is overcome with relief and hugs her, thanking god that she is alright. Victoria tells Chris that Kathy was talking to her but stopped because she "went to sleep". Chris is distraught and left to cry on his own as Jack takes Victoria to see Sarah. Ashley comes out to talk to Chris and offers to pray together for Kathy. Chris bitterly says he doesn't believe in god, only fate. Suddenly there is a commotion over by the bus as they bring out another person on a stretcher. Chris and Ashley strain to see who it is but only catch a flash of blonde hair and a blue jacket. The medic shakes his head and places a blanket over the woman's head - she's dead. Chris is distressed, thinking it's Kathy. Ashley goes over to find out who it was, and is informed it was someone called Patricia Holmes. Chris is stunned, but relieved. He asks what Kathy's chances are getting out alive. Kathy is duly carried out of the crash and whisked straight into the ambulance. The medic searches for a minute but then announces that he's found a pulse.


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  • The credits roll over a shot of the emergency services continuing the cleanup operations. Much like the previous episode, the theme tune was also omitted.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,250,000 viewers (8th place).
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