The village tries to come to terms with the aftermath of the bus crash. Relatives comfort one another as victims recover in hospital. Sarah is concerned that Jack won't be able to manage without her. He assures her that at a time like this everyone pulls together. Kathy asks Chris to help the village return to normal. Laura calls an urgent board meeting at Tate Haulage. The legal eagle informs those present that she has drafted a press release, and warns them about making any comments, which might imply the company is guilty of negligence. Chris says that Tate Haulage will survive - whatever it takes. Zoe wants Tate Haulage to take steps to help the people who were in the accident. Lisa comes into the meeting and explains about Pete's truck not being ready to drive. Chris thanks her in an abrupt manner and doesn't give her peace of kind when she asks if it was her fault. Chris feels guilty. Adam tells Roy and Kelly that he's got some big ideas for the vets practice. Alan doesn't want to drive the bus anymore. Frankie accuses Chris and Zoe of only being concerned about the bad publicity the crash will bring in. The Dingles visit Butch in hospital. Zak puts Nellie in her place when she complains about Lisa's presence. Emily talks to Butch about their future together. The doctor tells the Dingles that Butch has internal bleeding and a laceration to the liver. All they can do is wait.


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