Betty is panic stricken when she overhears a doctor telling a nurse that an elderly patient has died. She races to Seth's ward to find his bed empty. Her fears are put to rest by a doctor, but where could the mischievous old man have gone? Zak and Nellie are speechless when Eric arrives accompanied by a surprise visitor, their son Sam! Sean becomes concerned when he discovers that the paperwork for the service on Pete's lorry was never completed. The inspection at Tate Haulage begins, and Blanchard tells Chris and Sean that he will identify whoever is responsible for the crash. Chris tells Zoe he intends to place the blame for the crash with Sean. Jack makes an effort to repair his relationship with Robert. He tells his son that he does not expect him to take over the reigns on the farm, the most important thing is that he finds a job that he will enjoy. And Richie is furious when Scott drops by the Sugdens house to see him.


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