It's the morning of the funeral and Zak is standing by Butch's pig pen lost in thought when he is joined by Sam - 'my only surviving son'. Sam tells him he'll try and do something to make Zak proud and asks Zak if he wanted him to come back. Zak just tells him that he wants his brother back. Lisa arrives, and Sam meets Belle for the first time. Zak tells Lisa that he didn't get much right as a father but he's at least going to make sure Butch's funeral goes well. At the post office, Eric spots an attractive, young blonde woman. She's noticed him too - or rather she's noticed the large wodge of cash in his wallet. While chatting with Viv she reveals that she's a Dingle who's come for the funeral. Her name is Charity and she's arrived with two other Dingles - Shadrach and his son Cain. Later, Sam persuades Charity to take him to see Eric to ask him a favour "for Butch". Eric perks up when he sees Sam's brought Charity with him but is surprised to find out she's a fellow Dingle. The moment his back is turned she proves she's a true Dingle by pinching his wallet. When Sam, Eric and Charity arrive back at the Dingles, the procession is just starting. In Sam's absence, Cain has been given the job of beating the drum and an argument starts between the two of them over who will do it. When Lisa suggests they take turns, Nellie tells her it's nothing to do with her, but Zak agrees with Lisa. Elsewhere, Sean and Chris are both preparing to go to the funeral, but their motives are very different - Sean feels genuine sympathy that his neighbours have lost their son whereas Chris cynically regards it as a good PR move. Ollie isn't sure whether she can face the funeral, but Angie convinces her that it will help her get over it. Marc makes the excuse that he has schoolwork to do and then phones Donna and invites her over. The funeral procession marches through the village, with so many of the places bringing back memories for Emily of happier times she and Butch shared. They stop at the Woolpack for a last pint with Butch. When Mandy comes around collecting money for the drinks, Eric realises his wallet is missing and accuses Sam of stealing it. By this time Shadrach's too drunk to help carry the coffin so John Wylie steps in to help. As they reach the church, the Tates drive up and, upon discovering who they are, Cain urges the others to help him tip their car over. He is temporarily deterred when Marlon notices Angie is nearby and tells him she is a cop but he later threatens Sean in front of Angie. Inside the church, Nellie isn't pleased when Zak invites Lisa to sit with them at the front, but her attention soon turns to Sam who hasn't arrived. Zak tells Ashley to get on with the ceremony without Sam. Outside, Eric is giving Sam a hard time about his money, but Charity rescues him, putting on a tearful display and asking Eric to sit with her during the service. With everyone now in the church, Ashley shares his thoughts on Butch and the Dingles and what they have taught him - about love and sticking by people. Butch gave and received unconditional love and Ashley says the only other person he knows who can say this is Emily - a statement with which John agrees. At the graveside, Sam announces that he wants to read something. Despite Zak telling him that he should just 'keep his trap shut' and Nellie reminding him that he 'can't read', Sam surprises everyone by reading a passage for Butch. Afterwards he thanks Eric for his help, but Eric is more interested in retrieving his wallet which he is convinced Sam has stolen. Chris is suitably scathing about Sam's efforts and reminds Zoe and Kathy that Butch was 'a thug, a thief, a stalker' causing Kathy to flare up and place the blame for the crash on the Tates for re-routing their trucks through the village. Back at Home Farm, Zoe also expresses disgust at Chris' attitude towards the funeral, but he tells her that, as a director, she's as much to blame for the crash as he is and all her 'self-righteous bleating' won't bring anyone back - it'll just endanger the future of the company. Meanwhile, Donna has arrived at the Reynolds' and she and Marc are soon taking advantage of having the place to themselves. Marc suggests they go upstairs but Donna says it doesn't seem right. They are kissing on the settee when Ollie - who left the funeral early because she was upset - walks in. She is angry that Marc lied to avoid going to the funeral just so that he could be alone with Donna. Donna apologises and makes a hasty exit. Marc and Ollie argue but, when he sees how upset she is, he comforts her. Sam thinks he has let Eric down, even though he wasn't responsible for Eric's money going missing. He finds the wallet which Charity has left in the glove compartment of her car, but Cain catches him and takes it off him. At the wake, Sam tells Shadrach what has happened, and he gets the wallet off Cain - but only gives Sam £20, keeping the rest for himself. Outside, Emily gets her feelings about her father and Butch off her chest. She tells John how much she loved Butch, how angry she is with her father for not giving their relationship a chance and how she hates him because he was the reason Butch got on the bus in the first place. She tells him that she loves Butch 'and that hurts' and she loves him 'and that hurts too'. John tells her he doesn't deserve her, and Emily tells him that no one gets what they deserve. Meanwhile, Lisa is feeling guilty and confides in Roy that she feels responsible for the crash - not realising that Nellie is within earshot. Charity finds the wallet is missing from her car and soon guesses that Shadrach has it. She promptly relieves him of it, takes the money and throws the wallet in the pig pen. Eric, however, is still certain that Sam has his wallet. He reports him to Angie, but she refuses to arrest him on the day of his brother's funeral. Charity tells them that she spotted a wallet in the pig sty and Eric is forced to delve around in the mud to retrieve it, only to find his money is missing. Angie concludes that he dropped it and the pigs ate the money. Zak addresses the wake with a few words about the funeral and about Butch. He tells them he's proud to be a Dingle, proud of Sam's reading and of showing everyone that they can do things properly. Mandy is keen to apportion blame for Butch's death and seek revenge, but Zak just reflects on the son he's lost - the son who was always there when others (Nellie, his other kids) left home, the son who knew him best (including his faults) and who was his best friend. Now they've laid Butch to rest, the next priority is to make sure his mother and wife are taken care of and only after that's done will they turn to the task of making the people responsible pay.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • First appearances of Cain and Charity Dingle
  • First appearance of Shadrach Dingle and last until 9th August 2000.
  • This was an one-hour episode. Unlike usual hour-long episodes, which are two episodes merged, this one was produced as one long episode.
  • This episode features an extended version of the theme song due to a longer cast list.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,380,000 viewers (11th place).
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