In the farm kitchen, Sarah has taken Andy temperature he says he is not well and doesn't want to go to school. Sarah says he can stay home and tells Robert to go to school. Robert knows that Andy is lying; In home form sitting room Jason has spent the night on the sofa after he and Frankie's night on the town, he tells Frankie about his relationship with Gavin and his boyfriend chucking him out. Zoe leaves to go to work feeling a bit left out. He tells Frankie he is homeless. Frankie tell him he can stay at Home Farm, Jason is unsure if Zoe will approve; Outside the pub Adam, Tricia, Bernice and Ashley return from the camping trip to a welcome from Diane. Adam rushes away. Bernice and Ashley have really enjoyed the trip; Andy brings some food to Ollie who is still hiding in the barn. She apologizes to Andy for being the one to tell him about Sarah and Richies affair. Andy tries to persuade Ollie to get in touch with her parents to let them know she is OK. Ollie doesn't want to. Andy suggest she calls "Childline" they would be able to phone Sean and Angie if Ollie doesn't want to; In Home Farm, Kathy has dropped some fabric off for Frankie to make Joseph's "May King" outfit with. She talk to Chris about the "ban the lorry" campaign and tells him she will not stop until the trucks stop. Chris will have to start taking her seriously, but he just laughs; In the pub, Bernice, Tricia and Diane talk about the camping trip, Alan passes by and is quiet. Diane tells the girls that he had a "little turn" when she and him were about to get intermate and he is embarrassed by it. But she still likes him anyway. Marlon tries to talk to Pollard about his "Melting Moment Pies" Pollard tells him he hasn't had time to think about that he is to busy trying to work out what to do next with the lorry campaign. Charity Dingle walks in, Marlon wonders what she is doing back here; In the vets, Paddy talks to Adam about the camping trip. Adam is cross with the state of the filling system at the vets and bickers with Paddy over who's job it is to tidy the office. Zoe tells them to grow up; In the pub, Pollard tells Diane that the young women in the bar is a Dingle. Marlon asks the Charity what she is doing back in Emmerdale. Pollard asks Marlon to reintroduce him to Charity. At the Reynolds, Angie has some "missing" posters about Ollie and tells Sean she is going to put them up around the village. The phone rings it is somebody with news of Ollie; Back in the pub, Kathy is steaming off to Bernice about Chris's attitude towards the campaign, Bernice tell her she doesn't think Kathy will be able to stop Chris running the trucks though the village. Pollard is in deep conversation with Charity about a business dealing they agree on money and the other finer details of the job. Pollard tells Kathy he has thought of a way to stop the trucks but can't tell her any information at this point. Kathy knows his plan must either be no good or illegal and tells Pollard she hasn't got time to be messed about; At the Reynolds, Sean and Angie talk about the phone call they have just received from "Childline" telling them that Ollie is OK but not where she is. Sean is angry and feeling helpless, Angie is tries to calm him down she tells him there is nothing they can do, they just have to wait. Robert tells Sarah that Andy thinks that Ollie has gone to London. Andy in and still isn't talking to Sarah. She goes to bath Victoria. Robert questions what Andy is being so secretive about. Eventually Andy tells him he knows where Ollie is; Pollard and Charity arrive at a posh hotel bar for Pollards dirty tricks plan. He tells Charity once she has got the pictures of Councilor Eccelstone to come out to the car where he will be waiting for her. Charity goes to the bar and Councilor Eccelstone immediately notices her and buys her a drink; At the vets, Zoe tells Paddy about Frankie and Jason's antics. Adam tells Paddy and Zoe he is fed up with the organization of the vets and he is going to ring the agency to get another receptionist. Paddy thinks that Adam is trying to take over. Zoe is happy for Adam to get on with it. Paddy storms off, telling Adam the receptionist post is now his responsibly and not to expect any help from him. In the pub, Bernice and Kathy talk about Kathy's invitation to go to Australia and see Alice. Jack and Emily arrive for their meeting with Kathy they decide to go her cottage to talk. Turner and Diane are still feeling awkward about their relationship. Bernice tells her mother that she must tell Turner about her wig, Diane isn't sure; In Home Farm kitchen Zoe arrives home to find Jason still there. She tells Frankie that Jason can't stay at Home Farm. Frankie tells Zoe she'll leave if Zoe makes Jason leave. They argue about their relationship, but as usual Frankie manages to twist Zoe round her little finger and she agrees to let Jason stay; At the hotel bar Charity is still charming Councilor Eccelstone. He is about to leave but she manages to persuade him to stay a little longer, they move off to somewhere more comfortable. Pollard watches from a distance; In Kathy's cottage, Kathy explains to Emily and Jack her new ideas for a peaceful protest against the trucks in the village. Jack thinks it's all a bit short notice, but Kathy tells him that surprise is part of the attack. She is going to make it a day Chris will never forget.


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