Tricia is devastated after last night's events and has been up all night crying. Meanwhile, Marlon's over the moon and very pleased with himself. Bernice hounds on Marlon for setting Tricia up when he arrives at work looking very happy. Marlon feels terrible, but Bernice refuses to let him near Tricia. Alan has words with Adam, but it's clear he hasn't been hurt in any of this. Finally, Marlon manages to track Tricia down. He confesses that he was responsible for setting her up, but then tells her he fancies her like mad. Tricia's disgusted. Charity spots Chris handing Eric over a handful of cash and decides to take a trip up to Home Farm. She has a proposition for him and they agree to a private arrangement. Sam phones up the radio to speak to Mystic Mandy when he has problems with Arlie the pig. He's pleased with the advice he gets when they turn into good results. Roy's frustrated with Scott for not making an effort at the garage and spending all of his time making useless deals in fancy suits in Hotten. He warns Scott that if he doesn't start properly grafting at the garage, he'll leave. Seth tries to forge Betty's pension in the post office and Frankie reckons Zoe should go for the deal with Tara at the stud.


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  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,330,000 viewers (8th place - combined figure including repeat).
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