Tricia is left distressed by last night's burglary and suspicion falls upon Lisa who has a spare set of keys to the house. Angie asks Jason and Lisa to accompany her to the station and clear everything up, but a hungover Jason throws up, so Lisa goes alone. Jason is convinced Cain is responsible and confronts him, causing Cain to admit he has an incriminating piece of evidence; a locket taken from Tricia's room. Jason tells Cain if he takes the stuff back, then he'll keep quiet, but Cain doesn't take too kindly to being threatened and gives him a kicking. A furious Zak hears of Lisa's arrest from Viv and rushes over to the police station, accusing Angie of having it in for his family by ruining Mandy and Paddy's wedding and her husband's company causing Butch's death. Meanwhile, Kathy returns from Australia and causes controversy by proclaiming that she's going to let Diane continue to manage the diner, much to Betty's chagrin.


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